Nick Parker


Angry Pork (2014)

Image of Angry Pork (2014)

Recorded during the winter-that-never-really-was of 2014, in various homes and studios around the south west of England, Angry Pork and the Occasional Bird is the long-awaited second full-length offering by singer songwriter Nick Parker. Always slightly tongue-in-cheek - perhaps originating from the same 'How to write lyrics' book that's been next to Loudon Wainwright III's toilet for the last 40 years - the songs range from the super-serious: 'The Conjuror' and 'Something Someone Said', through the semi-sensible: 'Oceanographer' and Could We At Least Try?' to the downright daft: 'Terry and June' and 'Tom, Dick and Harry'. For the record, Nick has enlisted the help of his band 'The False Alarms' and a bunch of other friends armed with drums, bass, fiddles, various guitars, harmonicas, accordions, keys, trumpets, flutes, banjos and mandolins to add colour to his songs. Although generally a folky/country affair Angry Pork occasionally borrows from the new and old skool of synth technology, most notably on the soothing "Come On! Jump Over Your Shadow" which wouldn't sound out of place on a Björk record.