Nick Parker


Ow Dennie Rayne and the Jistal Parts CD

Image of Ow Dennie Rayne and the Jistal Parts CD

Ow Dennie Rayne and the Jistal Parts is the new album by Nick Parker.
Only six and a half years after his last *proper* studio album Besta Venya, Nick has finally gotten around to releasing another. To be fair, the world did shut down for a few years, and with it, his inspiration.
Recorded by Jake Rousham down at Levellers' Metway Studio in Brighton, the album features all the members of his band the False Alarms plus many special guests including Hannah and Abbe from Sound of the Sirens, Vivien Scotson, Emily Larkin, Flo Parker Bombosch, Martha Gilby, Dave Little, Neil Ivison and even an actual Leveller, Dan Donnelly, among others.

Some of these songs have been gigged over the last couple of years and some are new, and the album also includes a remixed and remastered version of (Not another one about) The Road which was released over lockdown and features the Housebound Folkband.
One of the songs is even older! After All, was written at the end of the 90s but was never released.


Small Talk
Maison D’Etre
Living Again
Isolation Row
Don’t Play The Kerryman
The Half Of The Moon
After All
Incredible Machine
The Road (Resurfaced)
Aeroplane Incentives
Dolly Parton